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From Musician to Artist

Danny Seaton has deeply held opinions and is passionate about his art. In his artistic origins as a musician, he used D.D. Seaton as a stage name and has carried that name through to his visual art career and is known as D.D. to those who follow his art. Grateful for the influence of his artistic upbringing, Danny feels strongly about the privilege of his life as a painter. Sacrifices must be made, yet the constant reminder of all the choices he has, and recognizing that his creativity trumps all, helps him to realize that his cup is full.

He carries with him the influences of his childhood in Farmington, New Mexico and how the musicians on his father’s side took in his soul and warmed him toward making music. There were old-time country western artists who excelled with their guitar music, others played the banjo, the bass, and even a lap steel, also known as a pedal steel, one of which Danny now owns. He insists it sounds like a slide guitar and that many artists use it even today, utilizing pedals to change the sound. Danny took to the guitar quickly and even though he never thought of himself as any kind of artist, he won awards for his guitar playing, especially with jazz. Treasuring the experiences of his family who cooked and played music together, he joined bands, “The Good Sirs” and “Men and Monsters,” and played numerous gigs in New Mexico, Colorado, and surrounding states.

Planning get-togethers is another skill of his. Opening the Seaton home to parties was ingrained into the fiber of his artistic family, as his home overflowed with people coming to share the food, music and paintings. He thrived on the mix, and draws huge crowds to his studio/work space as people pour into his small studio, encouraged by the large blinking OPEN sign placed at his door during events.

After experiencing the musician life, Danny recognized that the visual art side of his mother’s family also showed him a path to pursue. He had never created drawings and paintings, but simply knew he could do it. As soon as he picked up a pencil or brush, he realized that this was another calling. He painted with Bob Ross on TV, devoured the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” and wondered, “How could this be? There is something for me that feels even better than playing music,” which leads us to the accomplished painter that Danny is today.

Danny feels that living the life of an artist, though challenging, is the only life he would choose. His art has encouraged him to develop his eye, to hone his sensitivities, and to constantly find new ways to create. Balancing his creativity with earning money is always a challenge for an artist, yet Danny appears to have made peace with this. “It took me ten years to recognize that an artist is who I am, and that I thrive on the opportunities it brings me. I always wondered why I was so different from other people and then, with that acceptance, I understood.”

Watch Danny’s interview (below) on Ken’s Think Tank.

Watch Danny’s interview (above) on Ken’s Think Tank.

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