D.D. Seaton

D.D. Seaton is a self-taught Contemporary artist whose work has garnered worldwide attention.  A natural flare for composition and expressive renderings make his paintings engaging and unique.  His style is a fresh and bold approach to art that combines Abstract compositions with Pop Culture, creating striking paintings that are both thought-provoking and emotive.


D.D. can be found painting in his studio at 910Arts on Sante Fe Dr in Denver, CO.

You’ll also find him there during the Denver Arts District’s First Friday events held every first Friday evening of the month.


Don’t be fooled by some of D.D.’s work – they’re all paintings – not photographs or digital renderings.

All of the work in D.D.’s gallery is for sale, with new work appearing regularly.


Prints of some of D.D.’s work is available for purchase here on the website.

If you’ve missed the opportunity to purchase your favorite original painting, you may find a print available.

Very Talented Artist


Have 3 pieces of D.D. Seaton’s signature Artwork that I bought prob 5-6 years ago. They are always an eye catcher to anyone that sees them. Very talented Artist and a Very humble person for being as good as he is professionally with his Art. I need to add a couple more pieces to the collection!

- Kacie Wolfe

New Work, Sold Work, & Prints

Find new work in the Gallery, see what Sold into a collection, and order Prints.


910 Santa Fe Dr, Unit 4
Denver, CO  80204

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(720) 232-0718

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